Two Cardinals Press

The Five Spines of Justice

by Delmar and the Universal Order

Selection from the book

The binding formed the atom, which formed into clusters of loneliness. The fervor determined the nature of the cluster.

The greater the loneliness, the greater the fervor. The greater the fervor, the tighter and the more vigorous the press upon the other in the cluster.

At the center of the cluster the loneliest would be. These clusters form the stars, hot or cold, and the planets.

At the extremes are the less lonely. In the center it is so intense that atoms hammer so vigorously and so tightly, and with such force and compelling, that heat energy is released in great quantity. The younger the Chaos, the greater the invigoration and excitement.

The older clusters are the cooler clusters. The outer edges of the planets are the coolest of all. Here the chaos is beginning to progress toward orderly restraint. Here Order may continue to a level of sustainable order which will permit the procreation called "life" to exist and develop.

In that Ego would care only for self, it discovers it must first care for reality in order to care for self. It is afraid to understand any more than it does. It fears the change, thereby fearing the conversion. Therefore it remains hidden. It remains effaced.

It guards its own self, preventing its own entry into the mine of hope wherein it might find the courage to face the truth of itself.

Ego and its greater body, Chaos, fear losing the status they have attained. They do not have the courage to give up the edge, the unfair advantage, the power, the authority.

They wish to maintain the unjust self-importance which sustains their position and their identity. They are afraid to become a part of Order. They do not want to share and be equal in understanding.

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